Latest video update: Young Man whipped hard
Added: July 26, 2014

!! BRAND NEW VIDEO !! My friends young son the new Saturday morning stable boy here has been struggling with the fact that he is here to work and NOT for his personal viewing pleasure in the ladies shower rooms! Its time for me to instruct him to strip naked in front of me so that I can show him just how painful a dressage crop is when used on his naked bottom VERY hard! I don't care if he is just the new stable boy... Punishment has to be REAL punishment if it is to be effective and then its just HIS problem to hide the painful marks from his mother... And the dressage crop is the most painful and most vicious crop of all especially when used on the naked flesh VERY VERY hard! And there is nothing more enjoyable than giving a new stable boy his first ever truly agonising experience of REAL punishment by a REAL bitch... Even if she is one of his mothers best friends!

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Finding out that my best friends son is a member of my site
Added: July 23, 2014

One of the ladies who rides out with me here told me that her son was looking for a weekend holiday job to pay for a trip away with his friends and when he calls around to do some work in my gardens I catch him logged onto my site with his iPad! My friends son is actually a member of and there he is actually watching a video of me undressing as I walk into the room and catch him! He looked VERY embarrassed as I walked in and as he had never seen an older married lady undressed in the flesh in person before I thought that it was time that I put that right for him right there and then... And why not? It seemed only fair as my husband was out and I was going to be having him do some work in the garden after all it sounded like a perfect opportunity for me to have some REAL fun letting him see EVERYTHING that he wants for real instead of just on video? One minute he is on my site and then next I am undressing for real in front of him!:-) xx

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Bare-backed and filled with cum
Added: July 21, 2014

!! Brand New Video !! This was the very first time that this young black stud (I actually found him on Twitter!) has ever fucked an older married woman so I make sure that he REALLY has the time of his life! After sucking his beautiful big black cock he fucks me VERY hard and deep fucks me bareback! First of all I climb up onto his VERY hard throbbing cock to ride him hard and fast until I cum VERY hard he bends me over on the bed onto my hands and knees so that he can fuck me VERY deep from behind and shoots a FULL load of his cum deep into me and then I lay down on my back on the bed with my long legs WIDE open so that the camera can come right in close to see ALL of his hot thick cum leaking out of me!

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The peeping tom at the stables
Added: July 19, 2014

The stables here is just about the perfect place for a peeping tom with so many ladies coming and going and getting undressed and changed but this particular voyeur stumbles across me stripping out of my jodhpurs and panties on the straw at the back of the stables and he carefully hides behind the straw bales at the side so that he can watch EVERYTHING that I do not having any idea at all that he is hiding there watching me!

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Bare-backed while her husband is out
Added: July 16, 2014

!! Brand New Video !! This video starts with the young black stud and myself already in the bedroom... I am straddling him as he sits in the chair and I am pushing my HUGE 34 “G” tits into his face as he sucks my hard nipples deep into his mouth! After we undress we get up onto the bed so that I can suck his HUGE throbbing cock and then I ride him hard so that the camera can come in VERY close to see just how deep he is fucking me! He completely fills me!! I can feel his cock throbbing hard inside me and as it leaks LOADS of precum deep inside me I cum VERY hard and load as I ride his beautiful hard cock!

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Seducing her best friends son
Added: July 14, 2014

My very good friend Lucy Gresty has been very bored lately left at home all alone as her husband has been away on business so when a friends husband calls around to see her she tells him that she has a few jobs that need doing in the garden and perhaps he would send his son around at the weekend to earn a little extra money... When the son arrives the front door is open so he comes in and finds Lucy in the shower giving him the perfect opportunity to secretly spy on her as he gets to see what his mothers friends looks like naked as she soaps her voluptuous MILF body all over! Lucy is a HUGE flirt with young guys so after she is out of the shower and dressed and not knowing that he has already been peeping on her she starts to flirt and tease her friends son before showing him EVERYTHING that he wants to see!

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Worship my heels
Added: July 12, 2014

!! BRAND NEW VIDEO !! Now that I have given my friends young son the job of Saturday morning stable boy here its about time that he is shown EXACTLY what is expected of him! And he can start by cleaning my high heel shoes with his tongue! Then he is made to kiss his way all the way up my long legs to the very tops of my fully fashioned nylons as I tell him what I will expect from him and then I have him worship my long spike heels with his mouth as he kneels on the floor before me! I really don't care if he is one of my best friends sons... He is going to do EXACTLY what is required if he is to keep his job here!

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Trophy wife bare-backed outdoors
Added: July 9, 2014

!! Brand New Video !! This completely spontaneous video was shot just before lunch during my first ever “Lady Sonia Live - Meet My Fans” video shoot day at the Nottinghamshire house in front of several Lady Sonia fans just a few days ago. The rain shower had just stopped so we went outside and as everyone watched the eager young black stud fucked me HARD up against the annex wall before we opened the door and I laid down on the waiting bed and he fucked me VERY hard and shot a HUGE load of cum deep into me! It was HUGE fun shooting a spontaneous “Cream Pie” scene while everyone watched and afterwards you can see his HUGE load of black cum running out of me as the camera comes it to see EVERYTHING! :-) xx

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He wouldnt take No for an answer
Added: July 7, 2014

!! BRAND NEW VIDEO !! My friends son turned up on Saturday evening here and confronted me with the news that he knew all about my affair with his father... To make it even worse he had recorded the sound of me cumming VERY loud in his parents marital bed (quite unmistakable unfortunately...) on the sound recorder on his mobile phone and told me that if I diddn't do EXACTLY what he wanted he was going to send it anonymously to his mother! First he wanted me to undress for him (I did under protest...) and then to my absolute horror he demanded that he wanted to fuck me... I have known his mother for years so what choice did I have???

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Golden rain in the summer
Added: July 5, 2014

!! BRAND NEW VIDEO !! Out in the beautiful English sunshine doing exactly what I love doing most of all... At a friends house in Leicestershire stripping off for the camera and walking around as you watch me naked outdoors! This video has several “pee” scenes all put together on one video as well so if you are a fan of watching a married lady and “Golden Rain” outdoors with the camera watching EVERYTHING you are REALLY going to love this one as it's even better than my first one was! I was really surprised at just how popular my first “pee compilation” video was and as it was such HUGE fun to shoot (I really do LOVE to undress and show off!) I couldn't wait to shoot another. I was back from Mallorca to stay over at the house here for a private “Femdom” party and as the sun was shining the next morning I took the opportunity to shoot this while everyone there discreetly watched and I am already looking forward to next time! Enjoy :-) xx

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Clothes ripped off and used hard bareback
Added: July 2, 2014

!! BRAND NEW VIDEO !! The is the second brand new video featuring “THE SHAFT” as he picks up exactly where he left off last time! “THE SHAFT” knows what I love so from the very start he actually rips off my clothes (which I really hadn't expected!) and then he fucks me as hard and as deep as he can and as always there is NO acting and absolutely NO editing and BAREBACK too. You get the ENTIRE footage here as “THE SHAFT” fucks me as HARD as he possibly can! One married woman and one HUGE black stud as I dare him to fuck me as hard as he possibly can... And that's exactly what he does ten times over! This is the second video in this series and this is how I LOVE to have my private fun so its about time you got to see that here... 100% REAL 100% EXACTLY as I love to be fucked but I may well need some time to recover from this one! Enjoy! :-) xxx

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Showing the young stable boy my cunt
Added: June 25, 2014

!! BRAND NEW VIDEO !! In this “Femdom” themed video shot at my stables the new stable boy does everything that he possibly can to watch the ladies who ride out here undressing and getting changed so I decide that if he is so desperate to feed his lust for spying on older married women perhaps its time for me to show him EVERYTHING that he wants to see! But is is only allowed to watch on MY terms and I make sure that he only gets to watch as I have MY fun with him... This is the very first time that this young stable boy has been able to actually see a married lady undressed with her legs WIDE open so he had better make the most of EVERY single second!

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