Latest video update: Trophy wife used hard and filled with cum
Added: August 20, 2014

!! BRAND NEW VIDEO !! This video is another “First Time EVER” for! The young masked black burglar breaks into my house and finds me alone in my bedroom so he decides to take EVERYTHING that he wants and then use me VERY hard while he has the chance! First he holds my head and feeds his HUGE black cock into my mouth then he holds me down and despite my protestations RAMS his HUGE throbbing big black cock into me and fucks me VERY hard and deep satisfying his lust as he holds my arms above my head! Knowing that nothing I am going to do or say is going to stop him anyway I plead with him to use a condom but he just laughs and refuses and when I tell him that I am not on the pill this just spurs him on even more until he shoots a HUGE load of cum deep inside me BAREBACK! Completely FILLED with his cum you can see it all leaking out of me as soon as he takes what he wants and leaves!!!!

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Stable boy teased
Added: August 18, 2014

!! BRAND NEW VIDEO !! Rather embarrassingly I have found out that the young stable boy was in the house downstairs last week when “Shaft” called around to fuck me while I told my husband that I was somewhere else and as I know that I made a LOT of noise and made the mistake of not making sure that the front door was locked I now have to make VERY sure that the stable boy does NOT let me little secret out to my husband!

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The young stable boy teasing the cuckold boyfriend
Added: August 16, 2014

!! BRAND NEW VIDEO !! The young stable boy is still getting used to being locked in the steel chastity cage that I bought especially for him (it's now part of his working day uniform here) I decide to sit him down so that we can have a little chat about his new girlfriend... I had spent a little time with his pretty new girlfriend the day before and I thought that it would be quite fun to encourage her to “cuckold” him with a couple of my HUGE black friends (the young stable boy has a quite pathetic little cock...) so I thought that I would tell him in graphic detail just what I have in mind for her starting with my idea to take her to one of the sex parties that I regularly attend which is absolutely packed with HUGE black studs who love to fuck wives and girlfriends while their partners watch! It would be unkind of me not to invite her as she is quite obviously not getting a lot of pleasure from her inexperienced new boyfriend... And I also think that it would be a very good idea to take him along too so that he is made to watch!

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Riding mistress required to strip naked
Added: August 9, 2014

!! BRAND NEW VIDEO !! Getting back from my ride I am confronted by a fellow riders husband (who is also a very good friend of my husband as well) waiting for me at the stables... Now I REALLY don't like this guy but as he found a pair of my panties in his sons bed I have very little option but to do what he wants! My husband was going to be there to pick me up in about fifteen minutes so as soon as he told me that her wanted me to strip NAKED for him I had very little choice but to get on with it and get it over with as soon as I possibly could before this complete bastard took great pleasure in telling my husband and one of my best friends exactly what I have been up to over the last few Wednesday afternoons with his son...

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Helping a friends son to cum
Added: August 6, 2014

Calling around at a friends house I find out that she isn't back from the shops yet so her son lets me into the sitting room to wait for her. Now this young guy obviously has a thing for older busty married women as every time he sees me his eyes are ALWAYS glued to my chest so as he is home all alone and I have a little while before his mother is expected back I decide to have a little fun with flirting with him as only an experienced older woman can! First of all we sit down for a chat and I make sure that he gets to see a LOT of cleavage and then I show him my bra and then while his mouth is still WIDE open in shock I decide that its time to let him see EVERYTHING that he has been so desperate to see. For so long.. A REAL busty married woman REALLY flirting with him and undressing for him for the very first time ever! :-) xx

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Cuckolded at the stables
Added: August 4, 2014

So you are here to pick up your wife are you? I think that she is still busy upstairs in the house... Oh, you thought that she was riding out today? Well... She has been riding... But not on horseback... You see she bumped into one of my friends here this morning... A rather muscular young man with a HUGE cock and I suggested that she might like to take him to the house and fuck him as you were not here! You don't mind do you? She is ALWAYS telling us all here when at pathetic little cock you have and we regularly laugh at her constant stories to everyone here about your little “premature ejaculation” problems... So you REALLY can't blame her can you? A muscular young stud with a HUGE eager cock wanting to make her cum so hard that she screams? If you walk over to the house I am sure that you will be able to hear her... But before you do that unzip and show me that stupid little cock so that I can laugh at you as well!

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Cheeks spread wide for black cock
Added: August 2, 2014

!! BRAND NEW VIDEO !! I *LOVE* very rough sex and this video is 100% *REAL* with no acting, editing or cutting, just ALL of the complete footage just as it happens! Just 100% spontaneous *VERY* rough sex! I was supposed to be meeting my husband Charles for lunch in half an hour but “Shaft” sent me a text telling me that he wanted me to come upstairs to my bedroom and undress for him before I left for the restaurant... It was very obvious that “Shaft” wanted to fuck me so I took off my dress for him and got onto the bed for one of the hardest and deepest fuckings he has EVER had but when he bent me over onto my hands and knees and he told me to “spread my cheeks” with my hands for him I would NEVER have guessed what he was going to do next!!! And he is absolutely HUGE!!!!! It REALLY turns “Shaft” on to cuckold my husband while he is sitting and waiting for me at the restaurant and he is not going to let me leave until he has done absolutely EVERYTHING that he wants to do with me!

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The voyeur and the bitch
Added: July 30, 2014

!! BRAND NEW VIDEO !! I know that you are there as soon as I arrive but you being there hiding thinking that I can't see you just makes it even more exciting for me! I walk through to the sitting room and undress so that you can see my exposed HUGE 34 “G” tits and my VERY hard nipples before sitting back and opening my long legs VERY wide... I can feel myself getting very wet knowing that you can now see EVERYTHING and I use my fingers to bring myself to a VERY hard and VERY loud orgasm and after I have finished I get up and confront you and order you to come into the sitting room with me so that I can have a little fun with you before I leave you there to clean up the mess you have just shot out of your cock all over the carpet!

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Young Man whipped hard
Added: July 26, 2014

!! BRAND NEW VIDEO !! My friends young son the new Saturday morning stable boy here has been struggling with the fact that he is here to work and NOT for his personal viewing pleasure in the ladies shower rooms! Its time for me to instruct him to strip naked in front of me so that I can show him just how painful a dressage crop is when used on his naked bottom VERY hard! I don't care if he is just the new stable boy... Punishment has to be REAL punishment if it is to be effective and then its just HIS problem to hide the painful marks from his mother... And the dressage crop is the most painful and most vicious crop of all especially when used on the naked flesh VERY VERY hard! And there is nothing more enjoyable than giving a new stable boy his first ever truly agonising experience of REAL punishment by a REAL bitch... Even if she is one of his mothers best friends!

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Finding out that my best friends son is a member of my site
Added: July 23, 2014

One of the ladies who rides out with me here told me that her son was looking for a weekend holiday job to pay for a trip away with his friends and when he calls around to do some work in my gardens I catch him logged onto my site with his iPad! My friends son is actually a member of and there he is actually watching a video of me undressing as I walk into the room and catch him! He looked VERY embarrassed as I walked in and as he had never seen an older married lady undressed in the flesh in person before I thought that it was time that I put that right for him right there and then... And why not? It seemed only fair as my husband was out and I was going to be having him do some work in the garden after all it sounded like a perfect opportunity for me to have some REAL fun letting him see EVERYTHING that he wants for real instead of just on video? One minute he is on my site and then next I am undressing for real in front of him!:-) xx

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Bare-backed and filled with cum
Added: July 21, 2014

!! Brand New Video !! This was the very first time that this young black stud (I actually found him on Twitter!) has ever fucked an older married woman so I make sure that he REALLY has the time of his life! After sucking his beautiful big black cock he fucks me VERY hard and deep fucks me bareback! First of all I climb up onto his VERY hard throbbing cock to ride him hard and fast until I cum VERY hard he bends me over on the bed onto my hands and knees so that he can fuck me VERY deep from behind and shoots a FULL load of his cum deep into me and then I lay down on my back on the bed with my long legs WIDE open so that the camera can come right in close to see ALL of his hot thick cum leaking out of me!

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The peeping tom at the stables
Added: July 19, 2014

The stables here is just about the perfect place for a peeping tom with so many ladies coming and going and getting undressed and changed but this particular voyeur stumbles across me stripping out of my jodhpurs and panties on the straw at the back of the stables and he carefully hides behind the straw bales at the side so that he can watch EVERYTHING that I do not having any idea at all that he is hiding there watching me!

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