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REFUSED ACCESS & FORGOTTEN PASSWORD PROBLEMS: If you have an account with, the following are the main reasons why you might not be able to get access to the members area of this site.

  • Forgotten Password: Are you sure that you are using your correct password? You can e-mail us to find out what your correct password is. Make sure that you include your name, full e-mail address and your username so that we are able to help you!.
  • Wrong Case: You must enter your username and password the correct way each time you log-in. Both your username & password are case sensitive!
  • Account Cancellation: You may have cancelled your subscription some time ago and forgotten about this? You can e-mail us your username & password so that we can check this for you.
  • Site Security: Like all of the biggest and best membership sites on the web today uses the very latest anti-hacking software available, which is very sophisticated and can be tripped in a number of ways and sometimes this can happen quite accidentally. If you experience any problem at all please e-mail us giving your username and password combination so that we can sort the problem for you immediately.
  • Declined Card: If your credit card was declined upon renewal, your account will of course be closed.
  • I Forgot My Password/My Password Isn't Working: Please click here for CCBill Customer Support.

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When sending an e-mail to the office here please ensure that our reply e-mail will get back to you! If you have blocked all e-mails to your inbox, set your spam filters up to 100% or if your mailbox is full then obviously our mail will not reach you!

  • Technical Support: Problems viewing images on this site, video help, broken links, etc. You need to contact: This is the e-mail address of my support staff here at my office. My support staff are happy to deal with any questions or problems that members have covering everything from general problem solving right through to advice on plug-ins and browser problems, matters dealing with image theft, legal and licensing matters. Please do remember that we receive several thousand e-mail's every day and sometimes it's impossible to answer each and every one straight away. Your patience is of course greatly appreciated!

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If you have subscribed to through CCBill simply click here to be taken to the account information page.

If you have subscribed to through simply click here to be taken to the account information page.

Your cancellation will be processed straight away. Your account will of course stay active until the end of your last billing period.

For all European Debit / Lastschrift / Pay by Phone issues please click the GXBill link here.

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